Dr. Bruce and Staff,

Words cannot express how much I appreciate all you did for Nala yesterday. I still cannot believe she is gone. I know you tried your best but as you said she just decided she was done.

To have a dog for 15 years is an amazing thing and I have been blessed to have had three to make it that far. (A lab mix you never met I had years ago made it to sixteen and you of course know Walker). Nala never would have made it as far as she did without your care. If any of you ever wondered if you made a difference in people’s lives the answer is yes.

Nala was a special dog that no one else wanted. I rescued her from the pound when she was 1 day from being put down. It was just a few months after my father died and I wasn’t even looking for a dog that day (long story). I have often wondered if she was sent to save me at the lowest point in my life because she did in more ways than anything that furry should be expected to do. I never married and never had children so Nala (and Skipper) was my entire family for years.

15 years . . . I just keep playing that over and over in my mind. I never expected the amazing journey Nala was going to take me on that day I found her and fell in love. She was a very special little creature. She saw me through the deaths of family members, a 13 month stint of unemployment when the last bubble burst, and two cross country relocations. She is also the one that chose walker (I was actually looking at another dog that day when Nala almost chewed her way thru a fence to play with him) which of course lead me to Loki. To say she has had a lasting impact on my life is an understatement. I’ll never forget her.

You all showed tremendous respect and compassion on what was the worst day in my life since my father’s death. I can’t thank you enough. The death of our pets is a natural part of life. The day anyone adopts a puppy the need to understand that they are responsible to provide that dog with the best life they can and to hold their paw t he very end as they die. It is what we sign up for as pet owners. I want to thank you all for helping me give Nala a great life and for being there with me at the end.

Thank you.

Nala’s Dad Mark

Mark, Redmond WA

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